An Ode to Brother Jim

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” - President Harry S. Truman, Past Grand Master of Masons in Missouri A great leader must not only be a hard worker, an inspiration to his fellow man, a sound decision maker, etc., he must also be able to... Continue Reading →

What to Make of it?

By Bro. Brian A. McCollim, P.M. Many good men join Freemasonry to learn. Most times they don’t know what they are seeking to learn, just that a male friend that they likely look up to said that they would get a lot from it. They most likely searched the internet and found 2700 (or more)... Continue Reading →

We Took an Oath

Bro. Ronald S. Townsend, Jr. Hello my Brothers! It's been a long while since my last post and because I have something that has been weighing heavily on my mind I thought I would put it onto paper, or on a blog as the case may be. The many who know me know that I... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Fraternity

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM To all our readers, I thank you for your patience.  Do to a hectic start to this Masonic year, all of our contributors have been extraordinarily busy.  I'm not sure when we will get back to our more consistent posting but I did want to take this time to talk... Continue Reading →

When is a Man a Mason?

Below is an excerpt from Joseph Fort Newton's "The Builders". In his book, Brother Newton delves into the prophecy of Masonry - the philosophy of our beloved fraternity through the ages, the history of Masonry - an empirical approach to our timeline, and, lastly, the interpretation of Masonry - where he provides eloquent insight into some... Continue Reading →

What’s In A Name?

Bro. Cody J. Spangler Analyzing names is a great place to start when you are looking at an origin pertaining to history, but what's in the name may not be as easy as just tracing it through time.  The term Free and Accepted Mason has its roots with the ancient stone Masons.  In the days... Continue Reading →

That’s A Good Question

Bro. Steven A. Fulton PM How does Freemasonry make good men better? This is a question often asked by a well respected Mason in our district who has a passion for Masonic education. It seems to be a simple question that you would think could be answered relatively easy, and for new members or someone... Continue Reading →

The Value of an Education

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM And no I don't mean high school or college.  I'm talking Masonic education.  Two days ago was a first in our district, and who knows maybe the first in the state, when we held a Masonic Education Symposium.  We weren't going to be discussing right and wrongs or mechanics of... Continue Reading →

One Cold Winter Night!

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM It was the February Stated Meeting for Armstrong Lodge #239.  I had been a Master Mason for four months.  The weather that day was horrendous.  Side walks in the town of Freeport were ice, the roads were slick.  I lived a mere 300 yards just up the hill from the... Continue Reading →

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