‘Why To’ over ‘How To’ – Building a Habit of Freemasonry

In this world of life hacks and shortcuts, 'how to' articles are a dime a dozen. "How to hack your finances", "How to increase your popularity", "How to buy a suit", "How to be the most amazing person anyone has ever met". What is most lacking from these 'how to' articles is the 'why'. Why... Continue Reading →


Training the Leadership Workshops

It's Leadership Training Workshop season in Pennsylvania, and with that, all Worshipful Masters, Wardens and perspective lodge leaders flock to a central meeting place within their Region to learn how to navigate the trials and tribulations that come with assuming an elective office within their lodge. It's a yearly obligation that Masters and Wardens must... Continue Reading →

The Assumption

I just did it again. I took my contacts out without verifying my glasses were in the immediate vicinity. I'm blind without my glasses. The irony of looking for your means of sight while utterly blind makes you kick yourself in the rear every time you're fumbling around your nightstand for your thick-lensed spectacles. My... Continue Reading →

We Took an Oath

Bro. Ronald S. Townsend, Jr. Hello my Brothers! It's been a long while since my last post and because I have something that has been weighing heavily on my mind I thought I would put it onto paper, or on a blog as the case may be. The many who know me know that I... Continue Reading →

One Cold Winter Night!

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM It was the February Stated Meeting for Armstrong Lodge #239.  I had been a Master Mason for four months.  The weather that day was horrendous.  Side walks in the town of Freeport were ice, the roads were slick.  I lived a mere 300 yards just up the hill from the... Continue Reading →

Because You Said Yes!

Bro. Cody J. Spangler At this point of the year most PA lodges have already held their elections and installation of officers for the ensuing Masonic Year. So now that the elected positions are set it becomes the Worshipful Masters duty to select his appointed officers. Now if you at any time expressed the interest... Continue Reading →

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