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Every where we go and everything that happens to us we take something away from. Sometimes it's a little thing and sometimes it's a life changing revaluation. The latter of the two happened to me on the dates of October 18th-20th. As some of you know, my Father, Ronald S. Townsend, Sr. was a Mason,... Continue Reading →


When is a Man a Mason?

Below is an excerpt from Joseph Fort Newton's "The Builders". In his book, Brother Newton delves into the prophecy of Masonry - the philosophy of our beloved fraternity through the ages, the history of Masonry - an empirical approach to our timeline, and, lastly, the interpretation of Masonry - where he provides eloquent insight into some... Continue Reading →

The Degree Of First Impressions

Bro. Steven A. Fulton There is much discussion about how important our degree work is, and how much the candidate gets out of it. I for one believe the degree work we do is extremely important and the way it is delivered to the candidate may just intrigue him enough to want more. I personally... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Craft

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM When one petitions and then subsequently joins a lodge, their heads are sent spinning because of all the information they receive.  Many newly made Masons, when asked about their degrees say, "I can't remember a thing..."  That's when the learning starts. To our public viewers, the degrees we talk about... Continue Reading →

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