‘Why To’ over ‘How To’ – Building a Habit of Freemasonry

In this world of life hacks and shortcuts, 'how to' articles are a dime a dozen. "How to hack your finances", "How to increase your popularity", "How to buy a suit", "How to be the most amazing person anyone has ever met". What is most lacking from these 'how to' articles is the 'why'. Why... Continue Reading →



Tolerance, how do we live it, how do we teach it? I have promised to remind him in the most tender manner of his failings and aid his reformation. This is in the closing charge that we hear at every stated meaning. Do we live this in our everyday lives outside of the Lodge?  What... Continue Reading →

Training the Leadership Workshops

It's Leadership Training Workshop season in Pennsylvania, and with that, all Worshipful Masters, Wardens and perspective lodge leaders flock to a central meeting place within their Region to learn how to navigate the trials and tribulations that come with assuming an elective office within their lodge. It's a yearly obligation that Masters and Wardens must... Continue Reading →

“I sat in lodge with you…”

"I sat in lodge with you..." How momentous that phrase is... When a candidate receives his first degree and becomes a Brother of the Craft, it is explained to him that his obligation stipulates that he may only recognize the men currently in the room as Entered Apprentice Masons (Fellowcraft Mason or Master Mason for... Continue Reading →

When is a Man a Mason?

Below is an excerpt from Joseph Fort Newton's "The Builders". In his book, Brother Newton delves into the prophecy of Masonry - the philosophy of our beloved fraternity through the ages, the history of Masonry - an empirical approach to our timeline, and, lastly, the interpretation of Masonry - where he provides eloquent insight into┬ásome... Continue Reading →

One Cold Winter Night!

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM It was the February Stated Meeting for Armstrong Lodge #239.  I had been a Master Mason for four months.  The weather that day was horrendous.  Side walks in the town of Freeport were ice, the roads were slick.  I lived a mere 300 yards just up the hill from the... Continue Reading →

What do you want? Why are you here?

Bro. R. J. Hughes Growing up, I was asked these questions more than a few times, occasionally due to mischievous motives. We have all been drawn by curiosity to places where a residing "gatekeeper" asks us, "what do you want, why are you here?" I have been a Mason for a brief time at the... Continue Reading →

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