‘Why To’ over ‘How To’ – Building a Habit of Freemasonry

In this world of life hacks and shortcuts, 'how to' articles are a dime a dozen. "How to hack your finances", "How to increase your popularity", "How to buy a suit", "How to be the most amazing person anyone has ever met". What is most lacking from these 'how to' articles is the 'why'. Why... Continue Reading →


The Parking Lot

It's 11:33 PM. The parking lot asphalt is unforgiving. My feet hurt. I pull my phone out of my pocket and see 4 missed calls and 3 text messages from my better half. She hasn't heard from me since 7 PM, and I'm usually home by now. My phone has been on silent since the... Continue Reading →

Independence Day

As I sit here on this, the Birthday of our country, the most important holiday in our Nation, I can't help but think about our Brothers of the mid to late 1700's. When I joined Freemasonry it was mostly about the historical intrigue surrounding the impact members of this great fraternity had on the birth... Continue Reading →

When is a Man a Mason?

Below is an excerpt from Joseph Fort Newton's "The Builders". In his book, Brother Newton delves into the prophecy of Masonry - the philosophy of our beloved fraternity through the ages, the history of Masonry - an empirical approach to our timeline, and, lastly, the interpretation of Masonry - where he provides eloquent insight into┬ásome... Continue Reading →

District 27 Masonic Education Seminar

Pennsylvania District 27 School of Instruction Masonic Education Seminar will be held on January 16, 2016 at the Kittanning Masonic Temple in Kittanning, PA All of the Masonic Rezon contributors will be in attendance and will be giving talks on different masonic topics throughout the day. We hope to see you there!    Bro. R.... Continue Reading →

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