Independence Day

As I sit here on this, the Birthday of our country, the most important holiday in our Nation, I can’t help but think about our Brothers of the mid to late 1700’s.

When I joined Freemasonry it was mostly about the historical intrigue surrounding the impact members of this great fraternity had on the birth of our country.  If you read enough about Masonic involvement in the Revolutionary War, you will find many conspiracy theorists, throwing in their opinions regarding a Masonic plot for world domination due to the amount of known Freemasons involved in leadership roles during that era.  I like to think of it on the other side of the argument.

Something that is to be instilled into every Mason is a set of virtues.  And what Masons are to use to guide their actions is how those actions will be in accordance with serving our fellows and our country.  The reason so many Freemasons were so heavily involved in the forming of this country was not because of some undercover plot, but because they wanted what was right: Relief from tyranny and oppression.  They wanted to help the people of the colonies and be able to govern ourselves as the people saw fit, without persecution of religion or ethnicity or unjust taxation.

My fellow Brothers who read this know what I speak of, but for those of you who are not Masons that read our blogs, it is important to understand that the obligations that we take and the beliefs and values of the fraternity, all harken back to doing what is best for you, your family, your neighbors and your country. Doing what is right and just to benefit the greater good, not just ones self.  

That is why Freemasons were so prominent during the time leading up to, throughout and following the revolution.  They were doing what they swore to do in accordance with their oaths and obligations. Not because they wanted to rule the world, but because they wanted to make a positive difference.

So on this, the day of our Independence, the Masons of the past are in my thoughts more than on any other day. For on this day 240 years ago, my Brothers came together with the rest of the colonists, on the level, and helped forge the greatest nation in the world!  That is why I am always proud to say that I am a Freemason!

Bro. Cody Spangler, P.M. is a two time Past Master of Armstrong Lodge #239 in Freeport, PA.  He is also the sitting Most Excellent High Priest of Orient Holy Royal Arch Chapter #247, Principal Conductor of Work for Kittanning Council #52 and a member of Holy Rood Commandery #100 in Kittanning, PA and a member of the Valley of New Castle AASR.

Bro. Spangler can be reached at:



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