We Took an Oath

Bro. Ronald S. Townsend, Jr.

Hello my Brothers! It’s been a long while since my last post and because I have something that has been weighing heavily on my mind I thought I would put it onto paper, or on a blog as the case may be. The many who know me know that I am big on using social media to shine a light on our great Fraternity. The problem is, some are shining the wrong light. Remember, when we post on the internet for all the world to see, it is not only a reflection of yourself, but a reflection of all of us. We all took an oath. I know that when I took that oath I didn’t truly understand the commitment and responsibility that came with it. As I became more involved it became glaringly apparent what that oath meant. It was the second sworn oath I made in my life. The first being to defend and protect this great country. The first one I understood completely. The oaths we take to become a Mason are a little more confusing at first but they are still oaths. It shouldn’t matter if you understood it or not because we as men, men of honor and conviction, should always be faithful to our sworn oaths. If not, what do we have? Empty promises.

We need to be mindful of what we do in our daily lives, especially if we are wearing pins, hats, clothing, stickers on our vehicles or anything that shows the world we are Masons. Not only for the world, but for ourselves and for our fellow Brethren. Look into your heart, are you living the a life that reflects what you want to stand for as a man and a Mason? It is not my place to tell you how to live your life but it is my duty as a Mason to remind you in the most tender manner of your failing and aid your reformation. I love and cherish this Fraternity and the many men that I now call Brothers. Please do not besmirch them or our great Fraternity. We all have our own opinions and it’s fine to post them online on your own personal pages but please do it in a mature and responsible way. Remember that oath and remember that the world is watching us.


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  1. I understand your frustration all too well, Brother. It seems the west gate is not always well guarded and the profane have entered and are running amok. It seems to me at times that the high moral standard that I believed the Fraternity represented, embraced, and taught was ne’er again to be found. It seems at times as if there are only extremes in the world and in the the fraternity. The key words here? It seems. We see the comments and actions in the world and when we know it is a Brother, we get upset because their behavior and comments cast a dark shadow upon us, and rightly so. If we could just engage them for a brief period of time to teach and nurture the better man they can be, we could indeed change the world. We have that brief period of time, but often only when they first petition the Lodge. Perhaps our goals are wrong. Perhaps we should be making it more difficult to join and holding the bar a little higher. Quality over quantity? The answers aren’t always clear but one thing is very apparent. Social media makes it easy to see how our Brethren truly are in their daily lives. These folks have always been in the Fraternity, but we didn’t see or hear as much as we do now. One of the great virtues of Masonry is Fidelity, most can’t even tell you what it means. And yet, we ask them to uphold their Obligations to which they agree and then act else-wise. Our focus is still education, and we can always use these others as an example of poor behavior. Calling them out usually doesn’t help.

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