Wonderful Fraternity

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM

To all our readers, I thank you for your patience.  Do to a hectic start to this Masonic year, all of our contributors have been extraordinarily busy.  I’m not sure when we will get back to our more consistent posting but I did want to take this time to talk about my experience this morning. 

I had a rare Friday off today and took the opportunity to do something that I love, which is get up with my four year old and take her to school.  On my way home I had to make a few stops at the gas station and the grocery store.  During this seemingly uneventful venture I ended up having two great conversations. 

First at the gas station, as I pulled into get gas I noticed a Masonic auto emblem on the vehicle parked in front of me.  A gentleman got out and noticed my Masonic T-shirt.  He was passing through from a neighboring district, and while we blew a nice chunk of change at the pumps together, we had a lovely conversation about the state of Freemasonry, our fears and concerns and then the discussion of hope that we would find a way to save it. 

After our cordial pleasantries we departed in opposite directions and I pulled into the local grocery store.  Where as I exited my vehicle I heard a voice from a row over yell to me,  “Are you traveling East, Brother?”. I immediately knew that I had made another friend.  The gentleman that spoke to me was heading to the East in his lodge and I of course told him that I had spent two years in the East, we talked about programs and fundraising and how to keep our members interested in Blue Lodge.  After shopping together for a few minutes we both realized that neither of us had gotten anything in our carts and decided it best we split up. 

Two random people entered my life today and I’m sure by tomorrow I will forget their names and there lodges, but what other organization is there that with the use of one small symbol opens up an immediate kinship between two complete strangers.  Often times with the politics that can be involved in any fraternal organization, we sometimes reach the point of “why do I keep coming back?”.  It is these instances that keep us all coming back.  It is knowing that we (Our home lodges and districts) aren’t alone in our endeavours.  And that just with a symbol men with no history, no known common interests can immediately spark an enlightening conversation all in the interest of the good of Freemasonry in general.  These encounter make you understand how Wonderful our Fraternity truly is.


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