The Value of an Education

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM

And no I don’t mean high school or college.  I’m talking Masonic education.  Two days ago was a first in our district, and who knows maybe the first in the state, when we held a Masonic Education Symposium.  We weren’t going to be discussing right and wrongs or mechanics of ritual, but focusing on what we as Freemasons should be learning from the ritual.

I harken back on all of the new members I have conferred degrees on, all the work that I went over with them, and how little I spent making sure they got the message from those degrees.  We get so caught up with focusing on what is needed to advance that we often times forget the information that is needed to light the spark of acquiring information.

I think, how many men would be more active if I had spent time talking to them about our virtues and morals as opposed to force feeding required dialogue and motions they needed to know.  I guess I know the answer, not all but many of them would.  The few people I know I discussed this information with have subsequently become active in the lodge.

Bro. Brian McCollim, P.M. mentioned in one of our first articles the proposition of mentor or be mentored.  These words ring so true.  When we sign a petition and then we do not become the mentor of the candidate we vouched for, it doesn’t show them much respect.  These new members, once done with their 3rd degree, just wander aimlessly through the remainder of their Masonic career.

With this Masonic Education Symposium we hope to reach not only our new members but also to reach our members who are our recruiters and our mentors.  The goal is always to spark light (to steal a line from The Masonic Roundtable).  The hope is that with a little nudge these men will continue to research and learn as much as they can from the fraternity.

We say you only get out of Freemasonry what you put in.  But in order to get anything you have to look, you have to have a thirst for knowledge and most importantly you have to pass that knowledge on! It is only through enlightenment that our fraternity will continue to thrive!  It’s our duty as Master Masons to ensure the passage from darkness to light! ((too often we neglect that in order to make a Mason, they need to be there BM))



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