One Cold Winter Night!

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM

It was the February Stated Meeting for Armstrong Lodge #239.  I had been a Master Mason for four months.  The weather that day was horrendous.  Side walks in the town of Freeport were ice, the roads were slick.  I lived a mere 300 yards just up the hill from the lodge.  I had been waiting patiently for that call em all to hear that the meeting was cancelled.  The call never came. 

About 45 minutes before the meeting, I called the lodge Secretary and asked why the meeting hadn’t been cancelled. He simply replied, “because people will show up”.  I felt horrible knowing how far the Master had to travel as opposed to me so I immediately cleaned off my vehicle and threw a suit on. 

I got to lodge with 15 minutes to spare.  When I got there I found the sidewalks completely snow and Ice free,  a nice hot meal and cups of coffee ready to warm up all the members upon their entrance.  What I noticed next absolutely shocked me. 

I scanned the 15 members that braved the elements and cleaned the sidewalks, and at that time the youngest man in the room was 68.  Not one of our younger members made it not one of our top 3 elected officers had made it yet.  Nonetheless, we were having a meeting even if it meant that the meeting would be those in attendance sitting in the social hall talking.

Sure enough at the last minute our Worshipful Master walked in from his normally 35 minute drive which tonight took an hour, a few more members showed up and off to the lodge room we went.  

I sat Junior Warden that night.  I’ll never forget that meeting.  It was the night I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to the fraternity.  Men who should have never been out in the weather would not be held back from sitting with their Brethren, when me a 27 year old kid was about to stay home and not make the 90 second drive to lodge. 

It was at that time I realized that this fraternity was more than just a title it was a lifestyle. It wasn’t about wearing a ring or a pin so people would notice you, it was about men meeting together to make each other better, men adhering to the obligations they each took. No matter how daunting the task of getting to the lodge may have been, they were going to be there. 

If it wasn’t for that one cold winter night, I probably would not have become an officer and subsequently a Past Master, and I definitely wouldn’t have been motivated to meet the men that I have started this blog with. 

So now I ask our readers!  What was the Masonic moment that made you keep coming back?  We at Masonic Rezon would love to hear it!  Please leave some comments!

Bro. Cody Spangler, P.M. is a two time Past Master of Armstrong Lodge #239 in Freeport, PA.  He is also the sitting Most Excellent High Priest of Orient Holy Royal Arch Chapter #247, a member of Kittanning Council #52 and Holy Rood Commandery #100 in Kittanning, PA and a member of the Valley of New Castle AASR.

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  1. The moment I decided to become A LOT more involved stands out in my mind like a black bear in a snow covered field. I was only a member for a little less than a year, and brother Tony Corcoran PM, was at that time just entering his year as WM. He approached me and stated that he wanted to hold a benefit to help my family and I with our sons medical bills. Initially I was reluctant to accept his offer as I didn’t feel we deserved, or needed any help. After speaking with him in depth for more than an hour, I agreed. Not expecting what was to come next. My lodge held a spaghetti dinner benefit, and the turn out was over whelming. Members of lodges from all around the area showed up, members that haven’t been to lodge in years showed up, Scottish Rite members I never new showed up, Shriners showed up, and the Shriners clowns showed up to entertain the kids that were there. I have never, before or since, experienced such a selfless outpouring of support. To this day, just thinking about it, is enough to make me emotional. In that moment I realized what Freemasonry truely is. It’s the love and support of your brothers, but more than that, its the support of all mankind. Because of that day, I have met more great men than I can name here, and have put my all into Freemasonry, and have subsequently become Worshipful Master of my lodge. I can never thank all of the men who came out to support me enough, so I do my best to make them proud to call me master of the lodge.

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