Live from the Annual Communication


Bros. Cody J. Spangler

Here it is… The day we as PA Freemasons have been waiting for.  Installation of our new Right Worshipful Grand Master!  This day has been nervously anticipated because the incoming Grand Master has been very tight lipped regarding his two year plan for PA Freemasonry.  As events unfold stay tuned to Masonic Rezon and I will try my best to keep the information flowing!

10:00: Grand Lodge procession has begun!

10:10: Br. Robert Bateman RWGM opens the Grand Lodge for his final time!

10:15: Reception of distinguished guests has begun. Grand Lodge officers from South Carolina, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, Ohio, District of Columbia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, PA Prince Hall, Ontario Canada, PA Grand Chapter, PA Grand Council, PA Grand Commandery, 33Ā° AASR Members, Red Cross Of Constantine Members, PA Shrine Dignitaries, Grand Council of Knight Masons, Grand Lodge of the Bahamas, CEO Masonic Villages, PA Demolay, PA Rainbow Girls, PA Job’s Daughters, PA Order of Eastern Star and PA Amaranth.

10:35: Dignitary recognition completed Business of the Grand Lodge begins with donations and presentations to the Grand Lodge. MSA spoke about Spreading Light via Education, and Outreach. Sound familiar?

10:40: Bro. George Sagers, Director of the George Washington Memorial along with RWPGM Sturgeon presented a plaque to Br. Bateman.

10:42: Br. Ronald Aungst PRWGM, presented on behalf of the Masonic Youth Education Foundation.

10:45: Br. Bateman gave a very heartfelt farewell address.

10:50 The Grand Soloist performed a wonderful rendition of You Raise Me Up. Absolutely beautiful!

10:53: Bro. Jeff Wondering installation as Junior Grand Warden begins.

11:01: Bro. Thomas Gamon IV installation as Senior Grand Warden Begins.

11:08: Bro. S. Eugen Herritt installation as Deputy Grand Master begins.

11:15: Bro. Raymond T. Dietz installation as Right Worshipful Grand Master begins.

11:22: Brethren take notice that Bro. Raymond Thomas Dietz having been duly elected and installed Right Worshipful Grand Master of the most ancient and honorable fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania and Jurisdictions there unto belonging has been proclaimed as such.

11:25: Bro. Dietz has his term blessed.

11:29: Bro. Robert Bateman RWPGM has his Past Grand Master Apron, Jewel and Pin presented to him by his family.

11:33: Bro. Dietz presents PGM Bateman with the Franklin medal for his outstanding Masonic Service.

11:35: Bro. Robert Herbert Potentate Syria shrine Presented Bro. Dietz with a commemorative Fez befitting his new office.

11:37: New and Past District Deputy’s recognized.

11:40: New appointed Grand Lodge officers took their respective places.

11:41: Bro. Dietz gives his inaugural address.

11:56: Bro. Dietz has unveiled many new changes for the betterment of the Fraternity. These changes will be discussed in subsequent blogs as the details are revealed.

12:00: Bro. Dietz presented a member with his 70 year service emblem of gold.

12:05: Bro. Dietz revealed his Grand Master Medallion.

12:15: Contributions to the various Grand Lodge Charities totalling over $66,000.00 were donated.

12:16: Most Worshipful Grand Master of Delaware offered the response on behalf of the Dignitaries invited to attend this great function.

12:25: Bro. Thomas K. Sturgeon PGM gave remarks on behalf of the PGMs

12:30: Closing remarks given by Grand Lodge Officers

12:35: Bro Dietz gave his closing comments and thanks.

12:37: The Grand Lodge Closed in Harmony!

After the Grand Communication a brief Special Meeting of Avalon Lodge #657 took place to officially Welcome home the New Grand Master.

All in all this was a very enlightening day for me. I have never attended a Grand Lodge installation. How well oiled and structured this meeting was, is what stood out most to me. Grand Master Dietz has laid out some very promising plans and I hope they all come to fruition. He mentioned taking a more progressive approach to the fraternity which we here at The Masonic Rezon will greatly appreciate. Once we have been supplied with the details of these initiatives The Masonic Rezon will be there to bring the to everyone in more understandable terminology.

Thank you for keeping up on the minutes I posted feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to answer!


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