The Beauty of the Craft

Bro. Cody J. Spangler PM

When one petitions and then subsequently joins a lodge, their heads are sent spinning because of all the information they receive.  Many newly made Masons, when asked about their degrees say, “I can’t remember a thing…”  That’s when the learning starts.

To our public viewers, the degrees we talk about are filled with a lot of symbolism.  Many of the lines of dialogue that we give to our candidates are merely obscure verses which mean much more after they are contemplated.

This deeper meaning is the true reason Freemasonry is so great.  It is the journey toward the discovery of light and knowledge that accomplishes the catch phrase our fraternity has adopted.

We say in Freemasonry that ” We make good men better”. This is true to a point.  We, the current members, are there to guide our new members down a path pointing out the various shrouded symbols. It is the man who seeks out those symbols that will become better.

When these new Masons take the steps to become knowledgeable, they find that they keep finding new things to learn. It is through the constant strive for learning that the beauty of the craft finally becomes realized.

Freemasonry, its symbols, its principles, and its vast history requires a special dedication to the pursuit of enlightenment.  The Brother who says that they have got everything out of Freemasonry that they possibly could, has essentially given up.  The best thing about the fraternity is that every question answered only raises more questions and creates a fantastic realm of perpetual learning. Learning that strengthens the mind and soul and continuously makes you better.

Bro. Cody Spangler, P.M. is soon to be a two time Past Master of Armstrong Lodge #239 in Freeport, PA.  He is also a Past High Priest of Orient Holy Royal Arch Chapter #247, a member of Kittanning Council #52 and Holy Rood Commandery #100 in Kittanning, PA and a member of the Valley of New Castle AASR.  He focuses highly on the philosophical and symbolic importance of the fraternity and the promoting of Masonic Education.

Bro. Spangler can be reached at:


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  1. Especially if a newly raised Brother shows interest, even if he shows interest when he is coming through the degrees. Too many times we say we can’t tell him anything until he is a Master Mason. You can explain each degree as he moves forward. But once he is raised, explain all of the possible subjects he can learn in Freemasonry. We all have different interests. Point him towards a Brother that is proficient in whatever he was interested in. Feeding that desire to learn right from the outset is critical in keeping him coming back.


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