Mentor or be Mentored…

Mentor or Be Mentored, all else is stagnation. A simple one liner that is much more than it seems. To most it just seems a little witticism. For me it is the direction that all Master Masons should be heading. If you have knowledge and do not share, it is useless. If you don’t have knowledge and do not ask or seek, you will gain nothing. To neither mentor or seek mentoring is to remain spiritually and academically stagnant.

The many resources available today for esoteric information is staggering compared to just a few years ago and sadly most do not partake of these resources. Some of that fault needs to be bourne by the senior members of Lodge and also the system that is in place. When a Lodge makes a new Mason, we often fail in the mentoring department. If we aren’t educating from day one, the experience will be empty and devoid of meaning. A Mason can spend many years coming to Lodge and never learn that which he sought in the beginning. You can’t expect a Brother to know what to ask unless you have built a true and solid foundation. Member retention is greatly impacted by the importance of Lodge in a man’s life. If he gained little in his journey, he won’t be snappy with keeping his membership current.

Don’t fall into the “I guess this is it” trap when you are seeking knowledge. And don’t assume that you don’t have anything to offer for a Brother or a Lodge. Everyone brings something to the table, even if it is just an appetite. Focus on what is right about Lodge and the rest will fall to the side. It is much, much more than ritual and dues. “Seek ye that which is true and having found it, hide it close in thine heart and make it thine own…”

Brother Brian A. McCollim, P.M. is taking over secretarial duties for 2016 at Kiskiminetas Lodge #617 in Vandergrift, PA.  He is Masonic Education Chairman for the 27th Masonic District and is Worthy Patron of Apollo Chapter 125 OES. He can be reached at 


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  1. If a Brother comes to you with a question and you do not know the answer, it is the perfect opportunity to research it together. It could be the start of a brotherly bond and it could start that Brother on a further quest for knowledge. Just because you do not know something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute. Never let an opportunity pass you by.

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  2. Absolutely. Opportunity abounds in Freemasonry. We chatted this evening at practice about the intimidation new (or slightly used) members feel and how to overcome that. That will be a topic coming to the Masonic Rezon in the next few weeks.


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