The Cardinal Virtues of Freemasonry

The following is an article taken from the Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Volume 27, published in 1868. I found this while in search for a masonic education program for my lodge and felt it needed shared beyond our walls. In Pennsylvania Freemasonry, we talk about the importance of the "Masonic virtues" and tell every Brother going... Continue Reading →


Mentor or Be Mentored, Part 2

If you’ve been lucky enough to witness the new Grand Master’s inaugural address, you’ve no doubt heard about the “online Mentor program”. This is available to PA Masons who are seeking knowledge, through Mentoring but due to work schedules or other obligations are finding it difficult to meet with a Mentor. This isn’t meant to... Continue Reading →

Shovel the Snow

Snow is a beautiful thing, it seems to quiet the world and can expose once hidden beauty. But it is also a noticeable burden, making all paths and roadways impassable until it is cleared. It is something that must be coped with, snow was made for shoveling. In our masonic careers, and in life, we... Continue Reading →

It Ain’t About the Gravy…

You sit down to a nice Sunday meal and the plates start filling, everyone is chatting and smiling and enjoying the company. The roast is excellent, the mashed potatoes are to perfection, and the green beans are good. You hear “please pass the gravy”, and everyone sets the forks down to wait for their chance... Continue Reading →

A Need for Reflection

By Bro. Cody J. Spangler, DDGM Ask any member of the Masonic Fraternity today and they'll all undoubtedly tell you that it is much easier to enter the fraternity than ever.  This is the battle which we all must face in the Masonic world.  We need members to prolong the life of the craft, but... Continue Reading →

Nature, Nurture, or a Little of Both

With recent declines in membership, it becomes easier to notice the different personalities that are entering our fraternity. We, now more than ever, have the ability to focus specialized attention to our new members, and try our best to give them what they need to be involved in the fraternity.  Even though we have this... Continue Reading →

The Moral Code of Chastity

The Moral Code of Chastity should be familiar to all Pennsylvania Freemasons. We swear that, as Master Masons, we will not violate it, nor allow another person to violate it if we are in the position to prevent it. Having been involved in a fair share of Master Mason degree conferrals in my five years... Continue Reading →

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